Today's REALTOR safety ......


Well Folks, it is time to review REALTOR safety!

As REALTORs we are exposed on a daily basis to the general public and strangers.  Our personal and business information is everywhere for anyone to see.  We are in the business of helping people buy and sell homes, and there are many times when we work alone.  So I wanted to let each of you know what are some things to respect if a REALTOR asks......

1.  Do meet for the first time in the REALTOR's office or a public place.

2.  Please provide your drivers license.

3.  Please do not ask to go to showings in their car - be prepared to take your own and follow them.

4.  Please ask the realtor if they are comfortable with showings after dark.

5.  Please be aware of your surroundings, and know that the REALTOR may be busy trying to show you the home, open the door, not drop anything, and show you the house!  Sometimes we are focused on you and might not see something suspicious.....

6.  For listings please be aware that for open houses we are usually doing them ALONE!  It is not terrible to be across the street or talk with your REALTOR about how they plan to have a safe open house!

7.  Please do not be offended if we bring someone with us for a listing appointment or a showing.  Our intuition is what we go on and we are constantly on alert because of the threats to us.

So, in general, if your agent asks for something feel free to ask why they are asking.  If it is safety related please be respectful and understand that not only is this our livelihood, but also our lives.  Being considerate of your agent, male or female, can go a long way towards maintaining safety and a positive experience!

Please let me know your thoughts.  I generated this because today agents in our area received a death threat via text.  This world that we live in has changed, and I wanted to share with you what happens to us relatively frequently.

Thank you for your understanding, compassion, and kindness.