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The right improvements can make an old house feel new again.

Walking into a project house, a fixer-upper, can seem like an overwhelming venture.  Wood paneling may cover the walls up to the chair rails.  The shag  arpet may have trails like a well-worn path through the front lawn.  Drab colored appliances squat on torn and well worn linoleum floors; and brass everywhere and wallpaper everywhere, can cause stress!

These are just cosmetics, but they will determine whether a potential buyer is immediately in love - or immediately in disgust.  Some tips from the experts:  

Cosmetics sell the house!

The 70s have not returned, and a buyer will write off a house because it is ugly, not just because it needs a new roof.

Painting can make huge changes!

Anyone can paint, and it makes huge changes.  And don't be afraid of repainting if it is not what you want.  But remember to stay neutral.

Flooring updates are simple!

Easy how-to videos are available, and sometimes pulling up the old rug can reveal original hardwoods.  And if there is no hardwood the color and varieties and types of flooring can make choices and installation for a novice quite doable.  YouTube has video tutorials to help any level of novice installer.

Furniture can help!

Universal appeal is the safest route, and simple pieces will show the "bones" of the house.

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